ISRO to launch the X-Ray Polarimeter Satellite(XPoSat) 2024

ISRO is preparing to launch the X-Ray Polarimeter Satellite(XPoSat) and 10 more payloads on 1st January,2024. This will be ISRO’s first X-Ray Polarimeter Satellite mission. Over its five-year lifespan, India’s XPoSat mission will assess the orientation of vibrations in light waves, providing insights into the radiation mechanisms and geometry of celestial sources.

XPoSat is the first dedicated scientific satellite from ISRO to carry out research in space-based polarisation measurements of X-ray emission from celestial sources. It carries two payloads, namely POLIX (Polarimeter Instrument in X-rays) and XSPECT (X-ray Spectroscopy and Timing). POLIX has been developed by Raman Research Institute and XSPECT is by Space Astronomy Group of URSC, Bengaluru.

Mission Objectives: The overall objective of the mission is the measurement of X-ray polarization and long term spectral and temporal studies of cosmic X-ray sources.

  1. To study the distribution of magnetic field,geometric anisotropies, nature of accelerator in galactic cosmic X-ray sources.
  2. Structure and geometry of magnetic field of neutron stars, mechanism of X-ray beaming.
  3. To study production of X-rays
  4. Understanding of galactic back hole binary sources
  5. To distinguish the synchronism mechanism as dominant over thermal emission in supernova emanants.

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