Original Reporting will get Priority in Google Search Results

google algorithm
Google.com is the most visited and trusted website in the world. Google has made some changes in its algorithm for its searches to give priority to the original reporting. The world’s largest search engine has become under increasing criticism from media outlets, mainly because of its algorithms-a set of instructions followed by computers.

The company said some of the changes in a blog post, Google’s vice president of news Richard Gingras said stories that were critically important and labor intensive-requiring experienced investment skills, for example-would be promoted.

Changes in Google’s Rater Guidelines

Google  use algorithms to sort through everything we find on the web and organize this content in a way that is helpful. Those algorithms are composed of hundreds of different signals that are constantly updated and improved. To tune and validate algorithms and help their systems understand the authoritativeness of individual pages, They have more than 10,000 raters around the world evaluating our work – their feedback doesn’t change the ranking of the specific results they’re reviewing; instead it is used to evaluate and improve algorithms in a way that applies to all results

It remains to be seen how such changes will affect news outlet, especially smaller online sites and local newspapers, who have borne the burnt of the changing media landscape.

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